About fields

It indicates the main fields. Be aware that, depending on the year of catalogueing, there is some variation in assignments. Although at present articles are assinged up to 3 main fields, articles catalogued before 2012 have one primary field in principle. The following is the list of fields:

1.General research on Japanese language

Characteristics of Japanese language, Overview of Japanese language, History of research on Japanese language, etc.

2.History of the Japanese language

Genealogy of Japanese language, Diachronic research on Japanese language, Overview of modern Japanese, etc.


Phonology, phonetics, accent, etc. Studies on the phonology of the various regional dialect of Japan are categorized under “Dialects.”

4.Characters and Orthography

Chinese characters, Kanadukai, Usage of characters, Theory of orthography, etc.

5.Lexicon and terminology

Lexicography, Word structure, Synonyms, Loan words, etc.


Grammatical theory, Syntax, Modality, etc.

7.Genre and style

Genre studies, Rhetoric, Stylometry, etc.


General theory of dialects, description of regional dialects, etc.

9.Japanese information processing

Corpora, Databases, Machine translation, etc. Topics in communication through the internet, digital media, etc. are categorized under “Communication.”


Language contact, Language behavior, Sociolinguistics, etc.

11.Mass communication

The language of television and newspapers, etc.

12.Japanese language policy and language policy

Language policy, Script reform, Chinese characters designated for common use, etc.

13.Japanese language education for native speakers

Education in Language Arts classes, Child language acquisition, etc.

14.Japanese language education for non-native speakers

Pedagogy of Japanese language education, Materials, Praxis, Issues involving students and teachers, etc.


General theories of language including Japanese, Psycholinguistics, Contrastive linguistics, etc.


Encyclopedias, Dictionaries. Only “Book” is included in this field.


Indexes, Resources for Japanese language research, etc.


Review articles on Japanese language research, etc.